This page is dedicated to sharing a series of reflections, information and other content of a practical nature about the martial art called karate.

Practical Karate

This interest arises from the belief that with the proper methodology karate can act, among other things, as a functional self-protection system. It is this methodology and applications, as well as other peculiarities and practical information that makes up the backbone of this page.

The purpose

During this learning journey I will search for, experiment and do research on different practical aspects of karate. I will also substanciate all that I show on the page because I think it is necessary to contrast the new knowledge we get. For me it is not about establishing a ‘law’ of what is good or bad, but to start a dialog that will help us improve. Because of that, I will love to answer any question, doubt, or debate that you want to propose.

Next you will find the latest posts from each category. Enjoy them!

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